Why ‘sea-salt flower’ may help with heart disease

Hotels have been selling “sea salt flowers” to treat hot flashes and other anxiety-related symptoms.

But the products are not guaranteed to treat the underlying cause of heart disease, according to research.

The research suggests that they could be dangerous, and it could be that consumers are taking them as an “all-natural” way to treat anxiety.

The study looked at 1,100 people who said they had heart disease or stroke, and found that nearly half of the people who used the sea-saceweed oil said they felt better with the medication than they had before.

In addition, the researchers found that those who took the pills reported a significant reduction in symptoms, as compared to those who did not.

It’s not known whether the placebo effect is what drives the results.

But they did find that the placebo response was stronger for those who were taking the medication for anxiety symptoms than for other conditions.

So it appears to be an indication that some people may be taking the sea salt flower oil as an alternative treatment to traditional medications.

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