When NFL team owners vote on the Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks owner Robert Kraft and his team have long been the NFL’s most loyal fans.

Now they’ll get a chance to decide if they want to stay loyal, with the owners’ votes set to begin Monday morning.

Kraft and the Seahawks will be voting on whether to keep the team in Seattle or move it to San Francisco.

The decision will be made by Kraft and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, with a tiebreaking vote by Goodell.

The vote will take place at 1 p.m.

ET, the same time the team is scheduled to play the San Francisco 49ers in a preseason game.

Kraft has made it clear that he will not stay with the Seahawks.

He’s also said that he’s open to moving the team to another city.

The Seahawks have spent the last three seasons in Seattle.

Kraft owns the team, but he hasn’t held a vote in years.

The Seattle Seahawks were last in the NFL in attendance in 2016, according to NFL ratings, and are one of just two teams with fewer than 10,000 fans a game in the league.

That year, the team played a playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Seattle, and the following year they won the Super Bowl.

They played in a regular season game against Carolina in 2017, and then were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Buffalo Bills.

The franchise will not be the only NFL team to leave for a new city.

Other teams including the Minnesota Vikings and the Oakland Raiders have moved to new cities.

The NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodell Jr., also has expressed support for moving the franchise to San Francsisco, although he hasn.

Kraft said earlier this month that he was open to considering relocation, but has not made a final decision.

The team’s last home game will be on Aug. 10, 2021, against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Goodell said that the owners will have two options on the decision.

If the vote goes against the owners, it will be delayed until after the Seahawks’ season ends, which is Sept. 6, 2022.

If they vote to keep, it would be set for Monday.

If it goes in favor, the vote would take place Sunday, Aug. 26.

The owners will vote on two other votes: whether to make the team an unrestricted free agent, and whether to change the team’s name.

The league announced that it would begin voting on the name change in September, and it will have a deadline of Aug. 14 to change it.

Goodell will vote for the name of the team if it wins the vote.

Goodell also announced in January that the league would begin allowing players to wear helmets with no visor.

The commissioner said at the time that he had reservations about allowing players who don’t have helmets to wear them, because he believes helmets are the wrong way to protect the head.

The helmet law has not been a problem in the sport.

The New York Giants won the Pro Bowl in 2017 after wearing helmets without visors in the past.

The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge was the last major league stadium to allow helmets for some of its players in 2016.

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