You can rent a boat for £1.2m

More than a dozen boats have been booked at £1,226 each for holidaymakers who want to take on a sea-tour of the Isle of Wight.

The number of boats available to rent is expected to reach double figures by the end of the year, the RTE has reported.

The boats are being organised by an online booking company, Ritzy Boat Rentals, which is working with an operator from the Isle to get more people booked in for a one-night trip.

The company, which runs two sites in the island, also runs the Ritzys Sea Tour website.

A spokesman for Ritzyx Boat Rentalls said: “We have booked the number of people needed for this type of trip, which will have a range of activities for a range the cost of the rental.”

We have been able to get people from across the UK booked in on two boats.

“Ritzyx has arranged for a company called Avis to help with the booking process.

The spokesman said the company was based in Scotland and is based in Newport, where it has an office.

He added that the boats would not have to be on the same shore as the operator, and the operators could book from any of their sites.”

The boats will not be operated by the same company,” he said.”

They will operate separately.

“People can rent them for as little as £1 an hour.

The service will start on Saturday, October 13 and last until Friday, November 4.”

Mr Ross said that although the service had only been available for two weeks, it had been a “phenomenal success”.

“We are delighted that more people have signed up to the Rottys Sea Tourism service and that it has now grown to a capacity of over 200 people,” he added.

“This is because the people are getting on board and enjoying the experience and it is proving to be very popular with our guests.”

A spokeswoman for Avis said: “[It’s] a great opportunity for the UK and Ireland to showcase our amazing islands, and also offer an amazing alternative to the tourist season.”

She said the firm was looking to expand its service.

A spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) said the Department was aware of the situation and would be liaising with the operator.”DECC has been liaising closely with Ritzye Boat Rentales for some time and is aware of their operations, the issues raised and the planned changes,” she said.

A Ritziya’s Sea Tour is the third such boat tour on the island since it opened in September.

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