The Best of Paper Sea Flower Agate & Paper Sea Rose Agate in 2017

Paper sea flower agates are very popular in Japan, but their true beauty lies in the beautiful crystal-like surface, which looks beautiful even under a microscope.

We love to use this gorgeous, natural agate as a base for our dishes, as well as for a base color for other materials, like paint, paper, paper towels, or even paper lanterns.

If you’re looking to create a new paper agate base for your decor, here are some ideas to try out: A paper sea flower base that combines agate and rosewater.

A sea flower that’s both elegant and functional.

Creating a sea flower dish that combines sea flower and sea agate.

This gorgeous sea flower, paper sea rose agate cake recipe.

An elegant sea flower cake that combines rosewater and sea flower.

Make a paper sea flowers bath with rosewater bath.

And don’t forget the great use of sea flower bath in Japanese cooking.

It’s amazing to see how simple it can be to create an exquisite, beautiful, and functional base with sea flower or sea rose.

As with all our paper agates, sea flower is naturally colored with rose water, so you can add a stunning color to any dish with this base.